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The Trust Builder – Intention

A trustful environment helps a team to focus its energy on the goal. Uncertainty and skepticism about the team members’ genuine intentions are one of the factors that can distract the focus. That creates unnecessary questions, gives a lot of food for interpretation and inference. We do not need to lose the groups valuable energy […]

The Trust Builder – Help

There are many ways to build trust within an organization or team, where people work highly satisfied and engaged. One of them is helping each other. We feel happiness and satisfaction if we can help others or make positive changes in their life. As we can help others and make them happy, the same way […]

How to increase your Leadership Effectiveness and importance of Self-Awareness

What is self-awareness in the leadership context? Self-Awareness is in the center of LeadershipMindset. Our emotions and actions form our mindset. The better we know about our feelings, like “what we are feeling and why we are feeling,” the more it will help us understand how the emotions are supporting us and how they are […]

Leading with your true self

Acting from the place of freedom can unleash your potential. To trigger it you need to express your truth. Your truth is not your interpretation of your sensations. It is more facing your feelings as they are. Seeing what is happening to you frees you up. In that case, your doubt, concern, and anxiety turn […]

Making a difference

I was reading the very valuable book “Nashörner, Ein Portrait von Lothar Frenz” (it is about Rhinos). In one place there is a reference to a dispute between Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Wittgenstein says “…you can not prove that there is NO rhino in a room, you will just not see it at that moment.” Even […]

How to keep team agreements alive

This is a short reading about how to keep team agreements alive following a workshop or a meeting. Following a retrospective, offsite meeting or team building activities we promise to each other: we want to be focused on the vision live the values we agreed on we commit to deliver what we promised we stop […]

Agile Leadership: Self-awareness, Mindset and Leading

Agile Leadership: Self-awareness, Mindset, and Leading No one is questioning: to be “agile” we have to have an “agile mindset.” We expect from everyone in the organization to have this mindset. This workshop is for the people who take responsibility and start working on her mindset rather than expecting others to do. To be an […]

How to support teams to build the desired culture

How to support teams to build the desired culture As we know that “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” the same way we believe that “culture” can also do things which supports the strategy. We do this support when we have a dialog about the culture we desire. Our culture ideally should be supportive the strategy […]