Management 3.0

Topics And Agenda of 2-Day Management 3.0 Course

BookingEach Management 3.0 course is targeted to one specific group of people: those focused on improving their approach to management. These are the people who recognize that there is not enough employee engagement and team collaboration in their organization. These are the people who won’t just complain, but are looking for proactive solutions to change management.

Day 1:

1) Agile Management and Management 3.0
• Agile Methods
• Management 3.0: six perspectives on complex organizations

2) Complexity Thinking
• Complexity thinking and complexity theory
• Dynamic of changes in complex environment

3) Energize People (Perspective #1)
• Understanding motivation models
• Recognizing motivation factors of people and supporting them

4) Empower Teams (Perspective #2)
• Self-organized teams
• Empowerment and Trust as a fundament of self-organization
• Delegation techniques: 7 level of empowerment

Day 2:

5) Align Constraints (Perspective #3)
• Rules vs constraints
•Goal setting for self-organization

6) Develop Competence (Perspective #4)
• Competence development in teams
• OKRs development and performance for organizations

7) Grow Structure (Perspective #5)
• Recognizing and developing working organizations
• Optimization of communication structure and sharing know-how

8) Improve Everything – Change (Perspective #6)
• Necessity of continuous change
• 4 aspects of change mangagement
• Change process
• Dealing with resistance