I would like to share with you a simple and powerful tool, created by generous Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, #1 Leadership Coach. This tool is called „FeedForward.“ As I have used it and got value out of it, I would like to share my experience on using this tool and bring it to the attention of my connections. […]

This is a short reading about how to keep team agreements alive following a workshop or a meeting. Following a retrospective, offsite meeting or team building activities we promise to each other: we want to be focused on the vision live the values we agreed on we commit to deliver what we promised we stop […]

Agile Leadership: Self-awareness, Mindset, and Leading No one is questioning: to be “agile” we have to have an “agile mindset.” We expect from everyone in the organization to have this mindset. This workshop is for the people who take responsibility and start working on her mindset rather than expecting others to do. To be an […]