Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation requires courage and paradigm change. Both courage and paradigm change combined with deep know-how in tools and techniques and especially with Leadership and Coaching skills can lead to a sustainable positive result in transformation. Scrum-Framework acts as the ground Tool for the transformation, on top the Large Scaled Scrum (LeSS) is built. Through the internalization of The LeadershipMindset ® and Coaching, we will create together your Agile Organization with your own Scaled Scrum Framework.

(On the left side you can see the picture of miaframework. This framework has been developed in cooperation with movingimage and is continuously extended and adapted by movingimage. Most recent updates can be found here on the blog:


Below you can find an example of agile way of working at movingimage, which is a result of our cooperation. movingimage is constantly updating their way of working by inspecting and adapting. In the blog of movingimage, you can find the latest updates on miaframework and agile way of working: