I was reading the very valuable book “Nashörner, Ein Portrait von Lothar Frenz” (it is about Rhinos). In one place there is a reference to a dispute between Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Wittgenstein says “…you can not prove that there is NO rhino in a room, you will just not see it at that moment.” Even at the moment where Russell looked around and could not see it under the table, Wittgenstein argued: “…even this is not an absolute evidence about the non-existence of a rhino.”

The dispute was about whether we can prove that our perception is confirmed and correct. In other words, we can only confirm or show the evidence of things which are there.

This idea brought me to the idea of making an analogy in behavioral change. When can we demonstrate and prove that we are changing our behavior?

It is much easier to demonstrate and show what we have changed by actively doing it rather than trying to prove which what we are no more doing.

Changed behavior makes a difference, not only for us. Also for our environment, for people with whom we are in contact, day-to-day.

Everyone can make a difference. It is time to make use of our impact.