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Ausculto is the latin word for ‘I am listening’.
We believe successful communication requires good listening,
so we place attentive listening at the heart of our consultancy.
In our advisory capacity we combine our skills as listeners as
well as our experience in the sphere of Agile Transformation
to your advantage. Ilker Demirel         

Scheme Scrum Skaling

Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation requires courage and paradigm change. Both courage and paradigm change combined with deep know-how in tools and techniques and especially with Leadership and Coaching skills can lead to sustainable positive gesulzt in transformation. Scrum-Framework acts as the ground Tool for the transformation, on top the Large Scaled Scrum (LeSS) and some techniques of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is build. Through the internalization of The Responsibility Process ® and Coaching, we will create together your Agile Organization with your own Scaled Scrum Framework.

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  • Shared Responsibility

  • Wholeness

  • Meaningful and Evolutionary Purpose

  • Trust

Self Organized High Performing Teams

The foundation of a working agile organization relies on high performing self-organized teams. Self-organized Teams need time and adequate coaching, so that the team members do not need to be another person or wear masks when they enter the company. The wholeness is key for employee happiness and engagement. We build this trustful environment where the people are at focus.

Leadership and Team Coaching

As the first accredited The Leadership Gift™ coach in D-A-CH region we coach your teams and leaders based on the principles of co-active coaching and The Leadership Gift™ developed by Christopher Avery.

Trainings and Events

We are offering in-house and public courses, like:

  • Official 2-day workshop for Management 3.0
  • Team Building course for high performing self-organized teams
  • Teaching The Responsibility Process ®
  • Leading and Coaching People to Take Responsibility and Demonstrate Ownership Workshops
  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and  Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Courses

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About and Contact

Ilker Demirel CEO and first accredited The Leadership Gift™ coach in D-A-CH region, Agile Coach, LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY ® Facilitator and official Management 3.0 Trainer.

Our internal mission: We want to nurture our autonomy, creativity and continuous learning by taking responsibility for our world. Why? Our internal vision is: We want to lead ourselves and enjoy our reality.
What is our internal mission serving to clients? We support our clients be the leaders they want to be and be who they are. Why do we do that, and what is the impact we want to have in the society? We would like to create free and authentic society. This is our external vision.

Our work is human centric: we like people going to work with joy and when they are back at home, they can share their fulfillment with their loved ones. We like creating working environments which touches the heart of people.

Our doing and decisions are based on Joy, Humor, Fairness and Courage.

Management 3.0

Topics And Agenda of 2-Day Management 3.0 Course

Each Management 3.0 course is targeted to one specific group of people: those focused on improving their approach to management. These are the people who recognize that there is not enough employee engagement and team collaboration in their organization. These are the people who won’t just complain, but are looking for proactive solutions to change management.

Day 1:

1) Agile Management and Management 3.0
• Agile Methods
• Management 3.0: six perspectives on complex organizations

2) Complexity Thinking
• Complexity thinking and complexity theory
• Dynamic of changes in complex environment

3) Energize People (Perspective #1)
• Understanding motivation models
• Recognizing motivation factors of people and supporting them

4) Empower Teams (Perspective #2)
• Self-organized teams
• Empowerment and Trust as a fundament of self-organization
• Delegation techniques: 7 level of empowerment

Day 2:

5) Align Constraints (Perspective #3)
• Rules vs constraints
•Goal setting for self-organization

6) Develop Competence (Perspective #4)
• Competence development in teams
• OKRs development and performance for organizations

7) Grow Structure (Perspective #5)
• Recognizing and developing working organizations
• Optimization of communication structure and sharing know-how

8) Improve Everything – Change (Perspective #6)
• Necessity of continuous change
• 4 aspects of change mangagement
• Change process
• Dealing with resistance

CSM Co-Facilitation with Arne Åhlander

The Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) training class is a two-day workshop that provides students a full insight into Agile principles and practices.

Upon completion of the class, students will be eligible to take the Certified ScrumMaster evaluation and become Certified ScrumMasters.
This training will be co-facilitated with the experienced CST Arne Åhlander and CSP Ilker Demirel.

Default Agenda is the following:

General Knowledge on Scrum and Agility

  • Agile Manifesto
  • Scrum Foundations

Scrum Roles

  • Overview of the Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Master, Responsibilities
  • Product Owner, Responsibilities, Authority
  • Development Team, Teamwork, Team Characteristics, Self organization

Scrum Meetings

  • Product Backlog Refinement
  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective

Scrum Artifacts

  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Berndown Charts
  • Velocity

Release Planning

  • Release planning Meeting

CSPO Co-Facilitation with Arne Åhlander

The Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) 2-day course helps you to understand the product owner role in depth and also the importance of this role in product development.
This training will be co-facilitated with the experienced CST Arne Åhlander and CSP Ilker Demirel.

Default Agenda for the 2-day course is the following:

  • The Scrum Framework
  • Business Value
  • Agile Values and Principles
  • Product Owner Role
  • Product Vision
  • Product Backlog
  • Estimating and Planning
  • Ordering and Prioritization
  • Collaboration and communication

Leading and Coaching People to Take Responsibility and Demonstrate Ownership

This workshop is in cooperation with  Christopher Avery & Partnerwerks. Workshop is led by Ilker Demirel, accredited coach for The Leadership Gift.

Field-tests about how personal responsibility works in the mind (i.e., how we avoid it and how we take it) now make it possible for leaders and coaches to understand and teach the mental processes, language, and keys to personal responsibility.

Doing so inspires the people you lead or coach to demonstrate far greater ownership behavior as individuals, teams, and even as entire enterprises. You add more value as people you lead or coach take ownership and learn, correct, and improve more easily, directly, and quickly.

The Experience

This is a highly interactive and experiential workshop, including numerous learning exercises, dialog, Q&A, as well as teaching points.

Learning Objectives
At the End of the Workshop
At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to complete the following tasks upon request:

●      Explain the importance of personal responsibility (ownership behavior) for success in any pursuit;

●      Provide at least one reason why people avoid responsibility and why they take it;

●      State the stages within The Responsibility Process™ and how it works within the mind;

●      Self-apply The Responsibility Process™ when encountering minor frustrations;

●      Describe why “giving advice” is one of the weakest strategies to guide others to take responsibility and explain at least one other alternative which would be more effective;

●      Utilize at least one tool which will help those who you lead (or coach) to take responsibility and demonstrate ownership behavior; and

●      Apply the 3 Keys to Responsibility™ at least once during the workshop so you can recall and apply readily to your minor upsets after the workshop.

Back at Work
Once participants return to their workplace, they should be ready to put the following skills to use:

●      Explain the basic concepts of The Responsibility Process™ and the 3 Keys to Responsibility™ to those you lead (and coach);

●      Progressively apply the 3 Keys to Responsibility to your larger upsets; and

●      Apply the basic principles for teaching responsibility to those whom you lead (and coach).

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